It’s Time to Love Ourselves!

How can we give love to others, if we don’t know love within ourselves? Love is the core of our beings. YOU ARE LOVABLE–just as you are!

Stress Reduction Tip–Take Short Breaks!

When is the last time you had an afternoon to yourself? Not to run errands, do the grocery shopping or pick up medications. I mean, to YOURSELF. To relax, have fun, or do something that truly rejuvenates you.

Warning Sign of Caregiver Stress #2–Anger

Feeling angry at times does NOT make you an “angry” or a “bad” person! Anger is a normal and healthy emotion for all of us….Our emotions indicate the need for action, surrender, or possibly the need to change our thinking or expectations.

Warning Sign of Caregiver Stress #1–Denial

There is SO MUCH VALUE in admitting what you’re feeling! Denial keeps us stuck in pain, while shedding light on our feelings allows us to heal, take action where appropriate, and be healthy, balanced and energized.